Proof-reading and Editing

Are you keen to produce high quality, accurate text for your emails, notices, flyers, product and service descriptions, etc.? If you are anything like me, you might squirm when you read the text from some companies even though it appears on their blood-sweat-and-tears expensive web site! Set in stone for all the world to examine, mistakes and all!

A study has revealed that 59 per cent of business people in the UK would not use a company that had obvious grammatical or spelling mistakes on its website or marketing material, and 82 per cent would not use a company that had not correctly translated its material into English. The research, conducted by Global Lingo, polled 1,029 UK adults on their online purchasing and browsing habits.

It makes a huge impact to use correct grammaraccurate spelling, and overall good quality English!

Now, here’s a challenge for you…

Take a look through the pages on my web site and see if you can spot a grammar or speeling error… No, you can’t have that one, I put that ‘spelling’ error in proofreadingon purpose! I am offering a free, reasonably-sized proofing task carried out for you if you find a genuine, notable, error. And this challenge is also held out to typesetters, print service managers, and commercial editors all of whom are experts at laying out text and spotting hard-to-spot errors.

The main problem with poor spelling and grammar, is that the writer may never know how many prospective customers he or she has lost! I know from my own experience that I am completely put off by poor quality written work, and tend to have a lesser regard for companies that, whilst not producing exactly ‘shoddy’ work, fail to achieve a high standard when constructing text.

I can proof-read very quickly, and I hope from the high standard you can see on this web site, you can appreciate that I can guarantee a good job well done! If you send me your text — or just point me to your web pages — if I find any typos or spelling, grammar, or syntax errors, I will send you an alternative copy of the text so you can compare the two. I’ll also, potentially, give you a list of suggestions if I’m unsure of your meaning, or the prospective change is open to debate.

Try me out for free on your most treasured piece of commercial, customer-facing, text (not more than 1000 words or so)!

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