What Is a Virtual Assistant?


I am Virtual in the sense that I don’t work in your office, I work off-site.
So, no need for you to set up a little desk for me with an area to work, nor provide tea and coffee for me or supply me with stationery! I do that all myself!

There are different types of Virtual Assistants:

  • Generalists — these offer support in a general way. Not providing just one or two services but a wide spectrum of business support!
  • Specialists — these have one or two services in which they have achieved a good measure of expertise, rather than offering a wide variety.
  • Combined — somewhere in-between the Generalist and Specialist. They will usually have a particular skill that’s the main attraction for new and existing customers, but they are experienced enough to provide other complementary services.

Hiring a VA can have endless benefits for a business. You will find my experience of many years of marketing and multi-media work invaluable. Why not give me a call today to discuss your needs? Select the Contact page to get in touch!

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