About Me


I live in Rhyl, in beautiful North Wales, with my husband Andy and two girls — Hallie and Emy.

I am an extremely caring individual who puts the needs of others ahead of my own. (That’s the mum coming out in me!)

I’m enthusiastic and hard working, with a bubbly personality and I like to leave a bit of ‘bubble’ and ‘spark’ behind wherever I go!

I have over 15 years experience acquired in a variety of roles and industries, all teaching me vital Customer Service skills that can aid any type of business. These have allowed me to be creative, adaptable, assertive, resourceful, and consistent. 

Key attributes

  • A desire to help and to add value
  • Passionate about people
  • Love the journey — not just the end results
  • A team player
  • Friendly and approachable

How I work

I welcome the opportunity to spend the necessary time to understand your business needs. Either 1:1 or over Skype, or just by email if you prefer, we can have a chat about how using my services can take the pressure off you and help to:

  • reduce your workload;
  • increase your productivity;
  • free up your valuable time;
  • save you money;
  • streamline your processes;
  • improve your work-life balance.

I will listen to what you need and advise a tailored approach forward to achieve the objectives you set.

I will work with you not for you! This is important to me and I feel this is the best approach to my work in assisting you. I have built an excellent reputation over the years of maintaining strong relationships in my professional career. I endeavour always to have a personable approach to my work!

Of course, as with everyone’s ‘to-do’ list there are perhaps one or two things that I’m unable to do. However, I do have an abundance of contacts — local and national experts in all sorts of trades and professions, so if I can’t get the job done, I will know someone who can!

I’m ready to take on the tasks that are time-consuming for you to take on yourself (or perhaps they just bore you to death!) Hand them to me and allow me to help! The fact that I can help with just the press of a button is pretty awesome!

Your challenge is my service!
Your problem is mine to solve!
I want to empower you and allow you to run your business in the most efficient way.


There is no fixed long-term contract. I can offer immediate assistance on the time-consuming issues and cover any unexpected high-volume peaks of business activity. Maybe you need one-off / ad-hoc tasks to be dealt with so you can get back on track in a short period of time. I can also assist daily, providing guaranteed on-going support to help you reach your short-term and long-term goals.

Why not get in touch with me via phone, email, or my Contact page?

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